storage media    

The memory / storage media are essential for any computer user. The rapid technological advancement has lead to larger and larger capacity at lower prices and memory is not a limiting factor any more for normal computer and multimedia usage.

storage and memory media

Data Storage
The capacity of both solid state (no moving parts) and hard drive memory has increased remarkably in the past year. micro SD memory card that can hold 16 GB are now available at affordable price. Use these devices to back-up, store and transport you digital documents and data.

SD Card Memory
These SD memory cards can be used for storing pictures from digital cameras, music for media players or digital documents from computers. Many computers have today ports for these media, or alternatively one can use a  USB interface. Differences in price may reflect memory capacity and speed.

USB Flash Drive Memory
USB flash drives are perhaps the most commonly used storage and transport media for digital files. The 64 GB capacity makes some of these drives equivalent to hard drives, and in the future their capacity will be increasing.

Portable Hard Drives
These are ideal storage devices for high capacity and portability. You can store up to 500 GB digital content on some of these and still take them with you wherever you go.

Desktop Hard Drives
A desktop high capacity hard drive is a must for all computer users, to safely back-up and store pictures, videos, documents, etc.. Note that some of the portable hard drives have the same capacity to these larger desktop versions.