While the hardware is the physical part of a computer system, the software is the soul and the ideas. A variety of application software is needed to perform the various paperless tasks. Here you'll find the best software for your paperless office, to increase productivity and eliminate the paper clutter.

power your paperless office with THE right software

Office Software: Word Processing, etc.
The following software enable common office productivity tasks, such as word processing, slide presentations, spreadsheet databases, simple publishing. Microsoft Office 2007 is the most comprehensive while Office Suite claims to be a cheaper but total substitute. Word perfect is a state-of-the-art word processor and Office OneNote is a very good research and note taking software.
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Speech Recognition & Typing Software
Make your writing and other computer tasks easier and more efficient with voice recognition software that can type spoken text in real-time into your document, or enable web browsing through spoken commands. Your writing will also greatly benefit from skilled typing. Learn how to type fast and accurate with typing training software.

Photo Album Software
Digital photography has totally substituted the old fashion 35 mm film -base photography. It is cheap and you'll soon end up with hundreds or thousands of pictured on your hard drive. Use sophisticated photo album software to organize your pictures and associate them with comments.

Document Management and Organization
Once you've become paperless you'll need to organize all your electronic documents in a way that will allow for their safe archiving and easy retrieval. Document management software will do this for you. 

Personal Finance
Use personal finance software to keep track of all your expenditures, savings, investments etc.. A great way to get ahead financially and discover hidden inefficiencies or new ways of saving money.

Language Courses
Your paperless flexibility will enable you to travel to new places and these trips will inevitably become more pleasant when you can communicate with people in their own language. Take advantage of the many opportunities our new global economy provides, and learn languages at your own convenience, without the need to attend lectures.

A major threat to your smooth paperless work are viruses that spread easily through the internet. Anti-virus software is a must to maintain your system healthy and functional.
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Computer Health
As your computer becomes loaded with a variety of software and documents, it will need a clean up every once in a while. These software will make sure all your software is working properly and make your computer run faster.
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Brain Storming & Mind Mapping
Organize your thoughts and ideas, set goals and get ahead with your professional and personal projects with these great brainstorming and mind mapping software.

Graphic Art
Unleash your artistic talent with these creative graphics software; become a cyber painter or simply touch-up your pictures with new interesting effects.