A scanner is an integral part of your paperless office since it enables the digitization of your paper documents. It is the device that will convert your paper-based office to the paperless office. Once documents have become digitized

digitize your paper documents with these scanners


Scanners With Paper Feeders
These auto-feeder scanners can automatically scan away piles of paper documents into pdf or other file formats. Some of them can also scan both sides of paper documents and thereby greatly facilitate paper document digitization. They can also be used as regular flatbed scanners.

Desktop Scanners
 These regular flatbed scanners are for the non-scanning intensive user who only needs to scan a document once in a while.

Book Scanners
Book scanners have been specially designed in a way that the book can lie completely flat on the scanning glass. The result is a perfectly scanned image with no annoying book spine shadow. Note that the books are not automatically scanned.

Portable Scanners
 Here are some interesting portable scanners that are ideal for travelers when you take your paperless office with you on trips, ands connected to your laptop for scanning.

Pen Scanners
These pen-scanners are perfect if you only want to scan selected parts of a text from documents, books, magazines or newspapers into your electronic notes. A great tool for researching a specific subject in paper-based media. Some of these scanners also run on batteries and have internal memories, and can therefore be used on trips. Some of the pen scanners have internal dictionaries and can directly translate between languages.

Business Card & Receipt Scanners
These special scanners are made for scanning business cards and receipts; the perfect gadget for the busy professional who needs to organize contacts effectively into electronic databases, or file receipts for reimbursements.