portable COMPUTERS    

The laptop, notebook or portable computer can range in weight depending on size, materials, and other factors and are built with similar, but miniaturized, components to their desktop counterparts and can perform the same functions. Browse among the best portable computers for your paperless office system.

FIND THE BEST lapTOP computer FOR YOUR paperless OFFICE

Laptop computers have integrated computer, monitor and keyboard, and a touchpad serve the role of the mouse. External keyboard, mouse and monitor can be connected to the laptop computer and thereby give it a more desktop-like operation at the cost of mobility. The requirement for computing power and mobility are the main factors that will determine the choice of a laptop computer.

Desktop Replacement Portable Computers
The desktop replacement computers are powerful portable computers with the same computing and memory specifications to their desktop counterparts. Their monitors are also large and therefore pleasant to work with for longer periods. While their weight and size may prohibit the type of flexibility that smaller laptops can provide, these machines can completely substitute for a desktop computer by using an external keyboard and pointing device, and additional monitor.

Medium Size Laptop Computers
These are the most common regular size laptop computers. They are still powerful enough to perform all the common tasks but yet also mobile and can easily be carried around on trips.

Solid State Memory Portable Computers
The hard drive of these computers have been substituted with a solid state memory and they have therefore no moving parts. This is advantageous when the computer has to be frequently transported or even used while in motion.

Ultra-Portable Computers
These laptop computers are exceptionally small and lightweight, and are therefore ideal for work on the go. Some of them are also low in price and may therefore be suitable for conditions that may pose challenges to their integrity.

 Tablet PC Computers
A tablet is a laptop computer featuring a touch screen interface and a stylus, plus handwriting recognition software. Tablet computers are the size of a notebook and the input of text can be done through handwriting or tapping on a virtual keyboard directly on the screen with the stylus. This is the perfect device for taking notes in a seminar or work in an airplane.

Pocket PC Computers
These are the smallest computers with PC specifications, and can literally fit in a coat pocket. Note that their keyboards are not of the regular qwerty type. These are ideal for browsing and communicating through the internet while on the go.

Laptop Computer Stands
Here are some laptop accessories that can make their use more pleasant and efficient.