peripherals & gadgets

A peripheral is any electronic device that is connected externally to a computer, such as keyboard, headset, webcam. Peripherals provide functionality and mediate the interaction between us and the computer, and other computer users. On this site you'll find the best peripherals and other gadgets to leverage your paperless system.

peripherals are interfaces between you and your computer

Here you'll find various input devices such as keyboards, pointing devices (mouse) and writing pads. You'll also find the essential peripherals for audio and video communications, such as headsets, webcams and sound systems. Browse among some very useful gadgets such as e-book readers, dictaphones, and cameras.

E-Book Readers
 Ebooks and ebook readers is the future of reading books, newspapers, magazines, etc.. Their lightweight format, portability, low power consumption, large memory capacity and wireless connectivity. Ebook readers provide ultimate flexibility and portability for your reading habit.

The keyboard is one of the most essential peripheral input device since it will influence the speed and quality of your tying; it will either make your typing a pleasant experience of a tiring endeavor. It is therefore important to chose the right keyboard for your specific tasks, tying style and work.

Wireless Keyboards
Wireless keyboards are great in that they don't need to be attached to the computer with cable; it reduces the cable clutter and provides for more flexibility since you can be sitting far away from the computer and still be typing. Note that some of these keyboards also come with a wireless pointing device (mouse).

Ergonomic Keyboards
For ambitious writers the ergonomic keyboards can greatly enhance productivity since they have been designed to allow for a more natural posture and tying style.

Spill Resistant Keyboards
How many of you love sipping on a coffee or soft drink while working. Spilling liquid on a regular keyboard would destroy it and could also result in a certain data loss. With a spill resistant keyboard there is no need to worry about the coffee cup any more.

Portable Keyboards
Typing on the spatially limited laptop keyboard can become tiring, and the solution for this is to use a portable keyboard that can be folded and easily packed in a bag.

Pointing Devices
Pointing devices, or mice, allow for navigation on the computer desktop and translation of hand movement into graphic strokes. Select the type of pointing device that will serve your specific work tasks and computer usage.

Corded Pointing Devices
These pointing devices are linked to the computer through a cord and will therefore not need to be powered through a battery. Some are ergonomically design, while others have tracking balls that may be better suited for graphics work.

Wireless Pointing Devices
Wireless pointing devices eliminate the cord clutter and also allow for greater location flexibility.

Mini / Portable Pointing Devices
These pointing devices are ideal for the mobile worker who mostly uses his/her laptop.

Write Pads
Write pads substitute for paper in that they allow you to get your hand writing or sketching into your computer software electronically.

Headsets / Microphones
The headset provides telephony capabilities to your computer system; they enable you to talk and listen to other people through the net. The headset is also essential when using voice recognition software to translate spoken into typed words.

Corded Headsets
These headsets are connected to your computer through a wire - a potentially safer way to maintain the connection during lengthy conversations since no battery is needed.

Wireless Headsets
The wireless headset provides for more flexible usage since one can now walk around in the room and talk at the same time. Some of these headsets can also double as the Bluetooth wireless headsets for your mobile phone. In this way you'll have one device that can be used for both computing needs and telephony.

A webcam enables video communications through your computer and the internet. Some webcams have built in microphones, and some have exceptionally high resolution for high quality video.

Desktop WebCams
A selection of good desktop webcams. Differences in price may reflect features such as resolution and functionality of the software that accompanying the webcams.

Laptop WebCams
These webcams are designed to be used with laptops or desktops. They can easily snap on either type of screen.

Network WebCams
These webcams can directly broadcast the footage live on the internet and thereby enable remote monitoring your your house, pets, kids or anything you would like to see from remote location in real time. Some are wireless and can directly communicate with a wireless router, while other are connected to a computer.

 Sound Systems
The internet and multimedia capabilities of computers have turned them into powerful music systems when connected to the appropriate speaker system.

Desktop Sound Systems
Here is a range of affordable to high-end speaker systems for desktop computers. SOme come with multiple speakers and are ideal for gaming and watching movies.

Sound Systems for Laptops
These speaker systems are made for laptops since they are portable and can be powered with batteries or the laptop.