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Surprise goes digital on personnel files
Lily Leung, The Arizona Republic - May 13, 2009

Personnel files for Surprise's 800-plus employees are now in digital form. The city converted more than 200,000 pages of employee records to electronic versions, an 8-month process done to save time, increase efficiency and promote green practices, said Human Resources Division Manager April Reynolds. The City Clerk's Office is the only other department in Surprise that is paperless. Using two scanners, in-house employees inputted files related to personnel, benefits, confidential information and anything related to human resources. Daily reference materials also were converted. ................
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Anaheim U Pursues Paperless Goal
Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology, May 13, 2009
In pursuit of its goal to become paperless in 2010, California's Anaheim University said it is working with publishers to convert its textbooks into e-books to enable students to download and store their class materials on the Sony Electronic Book Reader or the Amazon Kindle. "We hope to set an example for our Online Green MBA and Sustainable Management Diploma and Certificate students to follow so that they can have a similar impact on the environment at their places of work," said university spokesman David Bracey. "It is not our goal to be the first paperless university. .........
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Is the Kindle DX the beginning of the end of print?
Kelly Heyboer/ The Star-Ledger May 13, 2009
Some backpacks at Princeton University are about to get a lot lighter. Starting next fall, students in three Princeton classes will be given free Kindle electronic readers instead of textbooks and other class reading materials. The university is one of five colleges and universities trying out the Kindle DX,'s new e-book reader. The lightweight device-- which has a 9.7-inch screen that can store up to 3,500 books, newspapers and magazines-- was unveiled last week with great fanfare. .........

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President Obama believes one of the most effective ways to reduce health care costs is to go paperless. May 11, 2009
President Obama believes one of the most effective ways to reduce health care costs is to go paperless. Children's Mercy Hospital is one of a growing number of hospitals relying on electronic records, but recent studies found only nine percent of US hospitals and about 25 percent of doctor offices have gone to electronic records. Everyone agrees that's the trend but not everyone agrees it'll save money and improve patient care.......
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Digitize Everything for Lasting Family Archives
Mike Elgan, Computerworld, May 10, 2009
Two events this week, one personal and another that is making international headlines, made me re-think what can, and should, be digitized: Everything. If you're a regular reader of this column, you'll remember my piece, " Paperless office? Ha! How about a paperless life?." In that column, I talked about my quest to eliminate paper in favor of electronic alternatives. But this week I realized that some things .......
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Amazon's Kindle enters the paperless office fray? (May 8, 2009)
How does your company distribute documents: ala manuals or process updates (ick) and so forth? If this is a big part of your process, I encourage your IT team to keep tabs on the developments brewing on the wireless reader front. There will definitely be a milestone event this week when Amazon unveils ..........
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Paperless is the trend for Rotary training (May 7, 2009)
The Far West Multidistrict Presidents-elect Training Seminar (PETS) in San Jose, California, USA, went paperless this year. Instead of the usual binder full of training materials, participants received a flash drive with all the files needed for the meeting. In addition, each attendee received a leather folder and pad of paper for taking notes........
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City Council Goes Paperless (May 7, 2009)
FAYETTEVILLE — Armed with thumbdrives and laptops, the Fayetteville City Council is going paperless. Council members were issued new PC laptops during Tuesday night's council meeting. The agenda and related documents will now rest on a thumbdrive the city clerk will update every week. The switch will save the city more than $4,600 a year, translating to some 120,400 pages, said Sondra Smith, Fayetteville City Clerk. "As a comparison, the cost of printed agendas per elected official, per year averages approximately $361," Smith wrote in a.......
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World's First Paperless University (May 7, 2009)
ANAHEIM, Calif., PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Anaheim University's commitment to becoming paperless in 2010 will make the nationally accredited online education pioneer the world's first paperless University. According to Anaheim University spokesman David Bracey, "We hope to set an example for our Online Green MBA and Sustainable Management Diploma and Certificate students to follow so that they can have a similar impact on the environment at their places of work. It is not our goal to be the first paperless university. It is our goal to be one of many paperless universities and we hope by setting an example, many universities around the world will join us in becoming sustainable and socially responsible institutions that put people and planet before profit. Many of our processes are already digital....
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Paperless office? Ha! How about a paperless life?
Is it possible to make everything digital? Is it desirable?

By Mike Elgan
The invention of the PC was supposed to usher in the "paperless office," a completely digital workplace without paper memos, forms, files or records. But that vision was ruined by another invention -- the printer. Now offices have more paper than ever. So you can forget about ever working in a paperless office. But what about a paperless life? Just three years ago, achieving a completely paperless personal life was very difficult to do. But since then, a wide range of products and services has become available that makes it much easier and much better. I'm going to tell you about those in a minute. As a kind of "lifestyle experiment," I've been trying to completely eliminate ............

Pushing Paper Out the Door
Hannah Fairfield, NYT, February 10, 2008

CHRIS UHLIK’S children can be found in their home computer lab almost every morning. Nicole is writing a story about her two lizards. Tony is playing an interactive spelling game, while Andy is learning multiplication tables. Even 5-year-old Joceline is clicking away at a storybook game. Mr. Uhlik, an engineering director at Google, and his family live a practically paper-free life. The children are home-schooled on computers. Other sources of household paper — lists, letters, calendars — have become entirely digital.............
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