The monitor is an essential part of your paperless office system; it can be connected to a powerful desktop computer as well as to some of the ultra-portable laptops. Browse among a variety of monitors that provide portability, large screen area, touch screen capability and even headset monitors that can be worn for the go.


Getting a good monitor for your paperless office is important since you will be doing most of the reading and navigations through it. Having a large monitor, or multiple monitors, will facilitate your work since is will enable you to increase the text size and thereby avoid eye strain, and have several documents or applications visible simultaneously. Some monitors have special functionalities, such as touch screen monitors through which you can directly enter text of commands.

Extra Large Monitors
These large monitors are a pleasure to work with; you'll be able to . Some of them can double as HD TVs when combined with a tuner. An alternative to these extra large and the large displays is to use a multi monitor stand (see below) and connect several (2 – 6) medium size displays to your computer.

Large Monitors
These large size displays is a must for the office worker who spends significant time in front of the computer and has the space for it. Differences in price may reflect resolution, contrast ratio and other features.

Medium Size Monitors
The medium size displays are affordable and yet still large enough for performance. Several of them can be connected to the same computer and thereby combined into a large display area with the multi display stands.

Small Monitors
These small displays are made for the limited space office, the kitchen bench top or the kids room.

Touch Screen Monitors
A touch screen display can similarly to a tablet PC laptop enable interaction with software and text entry. A stylus is used to directly “write” on these displays. One can also interact with the computer through these displays with bare fingers.
Personal Media Viewers
These wearable LCD video monitors provide ultimate video viewing privacy, even in crowded places. These are perfect for flights and train travel, or when you simply don't want to share your viewing experience with others. They provide high resolution movie experience with sound, and can be linked up to a variety of media players includig computers.

Monitor Stands & Racks
These display stands/racks will allow the combination of multiple displays into one large display area. They may sometimes be better than the extra large displays since they allow for an even greater display area and can also be curved around the office worker and thereby provide a better visibility. Note that some computers will require special graphics cards to be connected to multiple displays.

Screen & Privacy Protectors
The screen protectors can save your screen from scratches, while the privacy protectors will not allow bystanders from either side of the screen to see what you are working on,