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Have you ever thought about how much your life has become, and is, influenced by information and communication technology, or how it would be without them? Imagine the world without computers, Internet and cell phones. These inventions have increased our potential greatly by deliberating us from the time, space and location constraints of the traditional office work-style. Would you as an individual or organization like to:: >>> - work less while being more productive?

- enjoy life more through a liberation from the tyrannies of the constraints imposed by location and time?

- reduce the clutter in your life and get things done?

- become more environment friendly?

- prepare for and be competitive in the future?
If the answer is yes, then it's time to Go Paperless! Many have achieved some degree of paperlessness already. But for most of us there are still plenty of novel concepts and opportunities for creating the freedom, agility and productivity that today's paperless technology can offer.
Paperless Advantage is a a comprehensive source of information, products and services for those who want to take advantage of paperless technologies and work-styles to become more productive and make more free time for leisure, and overall improve their quality of life. Here you'll find guidance on all aspects of the paperless office, including guides and services that can get you there, as well as the necessary hardware and software for your paperless office. Paperless Advantage also provides a wealth of guides on telecommuting and general work-out-of-office matters for which the paperless office is a prerequisite.
To better appreciate the capabilities and advantages of the paperless office, see how it looks and how it can be used in the Picture Gallery; You'll be inspired!

“Free yourself from location & time constraints; boost productivity and enjoy a more balanced and natural paperless work- & lifestyle” George Dimopoulos