how to go paperless    

Going paperless is not the easiest thing to do, but the good news is that everyone can do it with the right guidance. The transition will required a great deal of motivation that will mostly stem from the realization of the many advantages of going paperless. Here we'll get you started on your paperless office.

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The journey to paperless, as with every change process, always starts in the mind. Once we accept something as necessary and know that it will benefit us then the time is right to initiate the change process. The first and most fundamental step toward effective adoption of paperlessness or digitized practices is to become motivated, enthusiastic and positively inclined toward these. The book Paperless Joy can get you on the track towards developing a positive attitude and strong desire to go paperless.


Before buying hardware and software, it is essential to thoroughly plan your transition to paperlessness making sure that you purchase the most appropriate types of hardware and software for your intended use. One of the initial practical steps in establishing a paperless system is therefore to figure out which processes you are currently using for work task completion, and how these can be converted into paperless. In Paperless Joy you can learn more about this process.

Once you have established the specific types of tasks, work fashion, intensity and mode of travel, communication needs and the hardware & software specifications of those collaborators and employees with whom you need to maintain compatibility, it is time to select and acquire devices and software. This has a lot in common with shopping. Paperless Joy will guide on how to decide on the most appropriate hardware and software for your paperless system.

It is very unlikely that anyone who has been using paper-based practices throughout his/her life would manage to switch over to a paperless workstyle overnight, even if s/he had read about and learned all approaches and methods. The most effective and painless approach in becoming paperless is to transition gradually from paper-based to paperless, through incremental changes in practices over time. During the course of paperless adoption, you will eventually reach an equilibrium or balance point between digital and paper-based practices that best suits your work tasks and personal workstyle and preferences. Different degrees of paperless office digitization can be reached and not everyone needs to become 100 percent paperless. The gradual and incremental adoption approach is outlined in detail in Paperless Joy.


Because paperless practices are directly and intimately dependent on hardware & software, which in turn is evolving at a fast pace, we can expect many advances to occur (even in the near future) that will alter the way we do things. Fortunately, these changes will make paperless practices better, easier and more efficient. They will enable a better simulation of paper and make it easier for us to go paperless. In order to enjoy these new advances in technology we will have to keep an eye on them and occasionally update our knowledge and know-how about our devices and software.