desktop COMPUTERS    

A desktop computer is a stand-alone non-mobile computer that can fit on a desk and it has traditionally consisted of four integrated and interconnected parts; the computer, the monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. Browse among a variety of desktop computers and find one that has the specifications for your paperless office system.

FIND THE BEST desktop computer FOR YOUR paperless OFFICE

The styles of desktop computers have evolved in the past years and come in different formats and configurations. The integrated small form factor models in which the computer and monitor are integrated in one case have become popular. A main feature and advantage of desktops computers is the ability to integrate different components (i.e. monitors, keyboard, hard drive) at the customerís choice into the final product.

Desktop Computers
 The following PC desktop computers have different specifications with regard to processor (computing speed) internal memory, hard drive, graphics cards etc. , and the price reflect these differences. Some of these desktop computers can serve as media centers for CD, DVD, BlueRay and even TV. Some come with the keyboard and pointing device.
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All-In-One Desktop Computers

The all-in-one desktop computers have the actual computer integrated with the monitor. The only separate parts are the peripherals (such as keyboard etc..). These computers are practical in that they require less space and may also be more aesthetically appealing. Some of these systems are also HD TVs and media centers, and can therefore provide great space savings.

Small Form Factor Desktop Computers
The small form factor PCs are require minimal space and can therefore be ideal for the small office.