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Inspirational and demonstration videos, on paperless matters, how computers and devices work and can be used in your paperless office. Get inspired by these videos and get started with your paperless office.

get inspired and learn how to go paperless

The Paperless Office: The Future
 This video provides some interesting background on the insensible paper-usage and why paper is still so prominent in office work. It inspires a paperless future.

Paperless Critics
Patrick Dixon talk about the paperless office and the future of news papers and magazines. He criticizes electronic media and favors paper-use. This is a great example of how we have become conditioned to paper use, and how this renders the transition to paperless difficult. In Paperless Joy you'll learn how to go paperless smoothly and effectively.

Paperless Office - Blue Peter 1989
 This is a funny video on paper - to - paperless office transitions.

Paperless Hospital
Vanderbilt Children's Hospital goes paperless with technology that helps doctors and nurses track a patient's treatment. The future of health care is paperless.

Adobe PDF Paperless
Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch talks about how going paperless is a people thing, not a tech thing.

Paperless Green Class Rooms
Visit a Fort Lauderdale Activclassroom that is going green and saving money by using activboards, laptop computers, paper conservation and other practices.

Some Interesting Pro-Paperless Views
Listen to how this young man thinks about and questions paperlessness.

Environment-Friendly Paperless Inspirations
Standard paper consumption used in books, magazines, catalogs and more, unfolds environmental issues. Having printed a disasterious chain of unwanted events across a warming globe. We've created an ecological system, of dead culture of disposed information unnecessarily, depleting natural earthly resources which calls for change. The Paperless Future begins here, through visual awareness. Liberating and transcending human connection from paper waste into a dimension of technology where our minds connect within emerging digital playground.

Paperless Real Estate Transactions
Rick Dubord Speaks about the FIRST Real Estate office in Canada to run completely paperless. A great example of how paperless provides a unique competitive advantage to professionals.

Go Paperless Lecture
Short presentation introducing the concept of a paperless office. This presentation was credited as a manual Toastmasters speech.

It's A Wonderful (Paperless) Life
A funny comedy about our dept's goal of achieving a mostly paperless financial process.